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Transform your online presence with a fully customized website designed to captivate your audience, maximize engagement, and drive conversions seamlessly.

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We don’t have to start from scratch. Let’s take what you’ve got it make it better! Revitalize your online presence with a website redesign that creativity elevates your brand!

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MindBizLife Media founder, Lauren Smith, created her first website using Adobe Dreamweaver as part of her Senior Capstone project at university. The website was a redesign for a Yogi Bear Campground in Indiana using HTML coding. Web design became the initial forefront of Lauren’s digital marketing agency in 2010.

Since then, Lauren has designed and developed over 60 websites using various platforms.

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“I'm blown away with my website and new business branding! It's more amazing than I expected; Lauren developed the full concept and ran with it! She crushed it!”

Nate, Lawncare

"Lauren took initiative on our redesign and our website is so beautiful and engaging now! She also taught me how to use the backend which has been beneficial."

Stephanie P., Owner SR Beauty Studio.

"Lauren totally nailed what my brand needed. She’s current, creative, and results-oriented! As I release my new CD there is no doubt that she will be the first partner I will call."

Dottie C., Musician

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